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Buenos dias! This week here in Florida was filled with a TON of rain and a bunch of fun.

It rained basically everyday this week, which just makes tracting and knocking on doors that much more amusing. We got rained on a bunch, but we got to find some people and even though no one let us inside their homes because we were wet, we got some solid potential out of it.

But, the big news this week is that Carlos is getting baptized! To refresh your memory, Carlos has been investigating the church for about 7 years and his whole family are members. He has been a little hesitant for years to get baptized because he wants to make sure that he is living everything perfectly before he gets baptized. We had a lesson with the Elders at his house on Friday, and he said he wanted to get baptized this Sunday! It’s Father’s Day and he is going to surprise his whole family! It’s also the day before his wedding anniversary so what better gift? The lesson was amazing and the Spirit was incredible. We were doing everything we can and testifying to him that he was completely 100 percent ready to do this. He has his interview tomorrow and then everything is set. He has talked with the bishop and the bishop told him that he wanted to give him a calling and work with him in the Church, but he can’t because he isn’t a member. That really pushed him and gave him the thing he needed to really commit to be baptized!

This week we had an awesome zone training and got to take out a member of our ward who is preparing to serve her mission in July! She’s the best! We got to have a good knocking session with her and she came with us to the lesson with Carlos and was able to help us out in testifying because she has known him forever.

This week, we were knocking some houses and walked up to this one that looked abandoned, but decided to knock it anyway. I was walking in front of Sister Soza and had the thought to check for spider webs, looked up and saw a giant spider sitting on the web right in front of my face. I screamed, ran away and Sister Soza went up to it and then made me take a picture with it. If you know me, you know I despise spiders and it took her about 5 minutes of coaxing me to stand 4 feet away from it, but I got a picture as proof.

We ate some yummy food this week, as always. It is also super hot and rainy and we have a hurricane coming I think…? I don’t know, but I know its going to rain. Also, Sister Soza had to go back to the dentist to finish up her root canal, so I was sitting in the waiting room for an hour, trying very hard not to watch the news, but I know we have some rain coming and there’s been a lot of people killed in Miami. We heard that there was some attack in Orlando, but we don’t know what happened but keep Orlando in your prayers right now!

Everywhere we knock is pretty “ghetto,” but we never feel unsafe or anything. The bonus of knocking in the ghetto is that there is ALWAYS music playing. Most of the time its not good music to listen to but its always there. We were visiting a member and their daughter was playing the new Justin Bieber songs (which I guess aren’t new now but the newest thing that I had heard before I left so they are still new to me), and we were trying so hard to teach the parents and stay focused, all with Bieber in the background.

I am super excited for this baptism this week and cannot wait to tell you all how it goes! We are going down to Fort Lauderdale for a combined zone activity so we will see how that goes, then we have zone conference this week with the Stuart and West Palm Beach zones.
1: Member who came out with us for the day, she leaves for California in July!
2: How we really feel about knocking
3: Demon spider
4: I do not like spiders. Also, I promise I am using sunscreen mom…
5: We were coming home from a meal appointment with the Elders and they “cuban fingered” me (the pointed to where they wanted to go instead of using blinkers, as is common with Cuban drivers, hence the name) and I was mad. Sister Soza took this amazing picture of Elder Wheelock, right after I yelled at them for doing it.


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